One look at any Hollywood red-carpet event is enough to send an average woman into a fit of jealousy, well, at least it does with me! Pictures of beautiful women such as Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz and Jesica Alba who all posses amazing bodies can make even the most confident of women feel inferior. It is as if these women have just been blessed with a genetic code that gives them bodies most women can never achieve.

Whenever I’ve asked friends in the past how they think these actresses get their amazing physiques, the responses are usually along the same line: “They’re just lucky”, “They spend a fortune on personal trainers” or “it’s all cosmetic surgery” are what they believe is true, and until recently, I did too.

That was before I started listening to Rusty Moore, founder and editor of one of the biggest health and fitness sites on the internet;

“Most Hollywood actresses have a fitness routine which is based upon the theories I teach in my Visual Impact for Women system. The secret to a sexy, feminine physique like a Hollywood star is not heavy lifting or hours and hours at a gym, neither is it access to a $1000 an hour personal trainer. The truth is achieving a body like a Hollywood actress is within reach of almost every women if they understand that all those A-list stars will be doing is a variation of a H.I.I.T routine, combined with some strategic cardio”.

For those of you that don’t know already, H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) is basically alternating a period of time walking or cycling slowly, with a period of time running or cycling at speed until the workout has been completed. Typically the workout is done for no longer than 10-20 minutes.

Why is H.I.I.T. so popular with A list stars? Well, take a look at the diagram below which demonstrates what happens to your fat cells when doing any kind of H.I.I.T exercise.


As you can see, intense exercise releases fatty acids from the fat cells into the blood stream. Sounds great, right? Well, according to Rusty that is only half the story: “…those Free Fatty Acids are going to get deposited back into the fat cells if they are not used for energy during the workout.”

Introduce some strategic cardio though, and the following happens:


By doing the above, you are strategically taking advantage of a small window of opportunity to burn much more body fat during your workouts. Low-to-medium intensity cardio uses fat for fuel and since the intense exercise released the free fatty acids into the bloodstream…cardio becomes extremely effective, Hollywood stars all know this.

“There is a reason that the women in Hollywood do large amounts of cardio to slim down for movie roles. It works every time, it has always worked, and it will continue to work!” Rusty says.

This strategy is employed by nearly all actresses who you see in movies today. They may all have supplemental regimes they follow that include crossfit, Yoga or weights, but nearly every one of them understand H.I.I.T combined with strategic cardio gives amazing results. Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Mila Kuniz, Olivia Wilde, Kate Beckinsale…. the list goes on, all attribute their amazing figures to this kind of strategic cardio routine.

Brunette-HorizOne of the best things about Rusty’s program though, is it does not take hours and hours of work each day. Typically H.I.I.T routines are only 15-20 minutes long. They also do not require a gym membership, his system even has a section on how to do the workout routines at home – perfect for busy mums.

His advice on diet is also a breath of fresh air. These days it seems every diet out there at the moment is based upon restriction of one kind of food or another. Rusty advises a healthy balanced diet, but with the emphasis upon creating a weekly calorie deficit. This not only makes losing weight extremely simple, but also allows for the odd “cheat day” every now and then – which is perfect for those of us who find it difficult to stay on a strict diet for any length of time.

Rusty says, “Almost every lean person I know eats this way. The only people I know who eat XXXX calories each and every day are complete fitness fanatics with an unbalanced
life… or people who try an overly strict diet and then quit.” Sound familiar? That is certainly true for me, I have tried every strict diet out there and always end up quitting after a few weeks!

There are hundreds of success stories of ordinary women like you and I who have seen amazing results with the Visual Impact for Women system:

Rusty has good news for men too, as his best-selling Visual Impact Muscle Building system has seen equally astonishing results. He realised that most men don’t actually want massive muscles or a build like a pro-wrestler. This flies in the face of advice most “meatheads” who we see in the gym each week will give you, who are all about how much they can lift:

“Most men would rather look like Daniel Craig or Ryan Reynolds than bench press 350 pounds. Younger guys want a physique like Cam Gigandet and Taylor Lautner and could care less if their squat totals are over 400 pounds”, Rusty says, and the results his readers have had seem to back this up:

Rusty’s method in the Visual Impact Muscle Building system is so different to the advice most personal trainers will give you at your local gym. All they are interested in is how much they can bench, not what they actually look like.

His system concentrates on lifting lighter weights a few reps short of failure. Instead of having the usual “bulking-up” effect, this creates definition in the muscles and a harder all-round tone – exactly how those Hollywood actors look.

So there you have it folks, Hollywood stars posses heavenly bodies not because of $1000 an hour personal trainers, or a strong genetic code or cosmetic surgery (although I guess some of them have done the latter), but from good old fashioned hard work, coupled with some really good knowledge of how the body burns fat for fuel.

You can check out the Visual Impact for Women System HERE, and the Visual Impact Muscle Building for Men system HERE.